After last weeks post focusing on the floors and mosaics in Italy, I thought it would only be fitting to follow up with a post about ‘looking up’.

I’m sure many people reading this could expect to see pictures of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.  Unfortunately taking photo’s in the Chapel - along with most other Holy sites - were prohibited and to the husbands chagrin, I'm not much of a rule breaker.  I understand that there are arguments out there about copyright and the harm of flash photography - not to mention the disruption it all causes for people that are there to pray.

I must admit, while reflecting on our Italian adventure, it did all get overwhelming at times.  It’s impossible not to be and feel like a tourist in Italy – especially when you’re shuffling through the sites like ants on an anthill.  Husband and I made a real effort to take it slow and go through the museums and sites at our own pace.  It’s easy to miss out with that ‘being there and done that’ attitude.  The thing is - when you are in a place like Italy where there is so much to see, it’s hard not to adopt that mentality.  On one hand you can be the person that is happy to get lost in a city and go where it takes you.  On the other hand you could be that person that plans every detail months before the trip and stuffs as much as possible into each day.

Husband and I seem to be somewhere in the middle and it works for both of us.  We manage to organize just enough but not too much that I can’t stop and take photos of the patterns in the ceilings…

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