I’m so honored to be a part of UPPERCASE magazines Surface Design Pattern Guide. So being inspired by the upcoming issue #21, it’s only fitting that I touch on what makes up one of my designs from start to print.

The Natalie Gerber aesthetic is informed by many elements from visual, textural, to music and travel. My background is South African and an ethnic style tends to show in my work. So it’s no surprise that the below African Leaves pattern began with a little inspiration from some bold geometric prints mashed up with that South African aesthetic.

Things begin taking shape in my sketchbook where I spend time drawing, making marks and exploring shapes. From there I spend some time fine-tuning those that stand out to me using Adobe Illustrator.

In this particular design I developed a bunch of pattern swatches that was then used for each individual leaf in the branch motif. From there the image is printed onto transparencies that are used to transfer the image onto a screen.

From there it’s a whole other process and for further information about the silk-screen printing process please follow this link.

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