Posted on October 06, 2014 by Natalie Gerber

When developing surface design patterns, I start the whole process in my sketchbook. What that looks like for me, is a few sessions of making marks, brush stokes and doodles. From there I take the marks that really get me excited and manipulate them on the computer until I get a repeat pattern that I’m happy with.
Lately I’ve really been leaning towards geometric shapes and had that in mind when putting together a new collection, did you read that right? A NEW COLLECTION! CHEV1 and CHEV2 are my two different takes on a chevron pattern, while CHEVstripe incorporates multiple chevron variations that then become patterns within a larger stripe pattern.
Although inspiration comes from so many different places, my South African roots run deep within my design aesthetic.  This season my colour inspiration and palette came from looking at Shweshwe fabrics from South Africa and Adire cloth from western Nigeria. Take a look at my Pinterest board for African Inspiration... there's really nothing like pinning when you have an idea brewing.
I’m also pretty excited about a new Midnight Blue linen that I’m printing on this season. So you’ll be seeing rich/dark Midnight Blue, warm creamy Buttermilk and some punches of Maize Yellow prints on both natural and Midnight Blue linen.

This summer I was also very lucky to be joined by artist and painter Kristine Zingeler, in the studio. While learning the ropes, of yardage printing, Kristine developed her own textile print that will be available in the online shop very soon. I'm keeping that one under wraps for a wee bit longer as she really deserves a bigger introduction and so you'll be hearing more about that in the near future.
Yes, it's been a busy summer in the studio folks, and yesterday that was all wrapped up with a great photo shoot. Over the next few weeks I’ll be revealing some fresh Home Ware in the new prints and colour ways. So stay tuned for more… until then here's a little taster.