One of my favorite appliances in the kitchen these days is the slow cooker. Not only is it easier on energy but I can rustle something up pretty quickly, pop it in the cooker and walk away… then – tada – I get a tasty dinner, bread or treat a few hours later.

It really takes the stress out of dinnertime when I’m busy in the studio and it helps me to plan ahead so that it’s ready early. This is especially great when the toddler is getting a bit wound-up in the house and needs to get out in the afternoon for a walk or swim.

Not only is it great for dinner but treats too…

Here’s one of my favorite loaf recipes. I put a healthy twist on it to get a bit more protein into the little one. OH! I should mention that the original recipe is from the book The Healthy Slow Cooker by Judith Finlayson. A well used gem in our recipe book collection.


1/3 cup         softened butter

½ cup           brown sugar

2                   eggs

3                   frozen bananas *

¾ cup           Quinoa flour

¾ cup           rolled oats

2 tbsp.          milled flaxseeds

2 tsp.            baking powder

½ tsp.           salt

¼ tsp.           baking soda

½ cup           chopped pecans

1 cap            vanilla

1 – Beat butter and sugar until creamy. Add eggs and bananas beat on slow until incorporated. *Whenever we have bananas that don’t quite make it into the belly before they go bad, I just throw them in the freezer and use for baking later. You let them freeze with skin and all. Then when you’re ready to use them, let defrost, tear off the end and squeeze them out. Best ever!

2 – Combine all dry ingredients in a separate bowl and then add to the banana mixture. Mix until combine then fold in the nuts at the end.

3 – I use a Pyrex bowl that fits nicely into our slow cooker. Grease the edges then pour the mixture in. Cover with tinfoil and tie a string around to keep the moisture out. Place bowl/pan into slow cooker stoneware and pour about an inch of water in around it. Cover and cook on High for 3 hours. Check with tester to make sure that it comes out clean.

This is delicious cool or warm… it doesn’t last very long in our home and I know after the toddler wakes from her nap she’s going to LOVE this for snack time – enjoy!

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