January is a month of reflection, planning and organizing. In that spirit I took some time this week to go through photos from a recent trip.

Last summer our family visited Begur in the northeastern coastal region of Costa Brava, Spain. Most of our time was spend on the beautiful beaches soaking in the sun and playing in the sand with a very happy 1 year old.

This was our first trip with a little person in tow and it had its challenges, despite that, we did manage to get out and explore. My primary ‘art / design’ focus was to take in some Dali, Picasso and Gaudi sites. Working around nap times meant that we had to stick to a plan in order to see as much as possible while still getting a chance to relax and enjoy our vacation.

I’ve learnt that traveling with a small person means you don’t always have the luxury of time in order to soak it all in and process what you’re seeing. Your time limit is based on the patience, stomach and mood your little person might be in at that particular moment. Our daughter was a trooper and, for the most part, flexible. Thank-you to Spain and their great family values! It seemed there was always someone around the corner able to help or just being so accommodating.

We managed to take in quite a bit while in the Costa Brava area which is part of the province of Girona, Catalonia. There are many Salvador Dali related sites in and around this region as the artist was born and lived here most his life. What was most memorable though was our visit to his home in Portlligat.

We were late on getting tickets to enter the actual home but did explore the property. The heat and views were delicious, the olive groves were beautiful and the home was a labyrinth of corridors and courtyards. It was so worth it! Just being in the place where such an iconic artist lived and worked was inspiring and I could really see how the landscape influenced his work.

Dali purchased his first fisherman’s hut in 1930 and then the surrounding ones. Over a period of 40 years he built onto the home joining the huts together by beautiful white washed corridors, passageways and courtyards.  I would strongly recommend a visit to the Portlligat home just remember to get your tickets ahead of time.

We had a wonderful trip to Spain, visited with family and saw some amazing sites. We felt as if we only had a taste and left feeling we would love to go back for seconds.


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