I was introduced to Caroline Forde's work through the New Craft Coalition when she applied for the sponsored Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) emerging artist booth in 2015.

When we met in person prior to the show I was immediately inspired by her confidence and knowledge of materials. I quickly signed up for a workshop she was teaching in natural dyes at ACAD and was blown away.

My journey in textiles started as a plan to go into fashion design.  This took me from ACAD to study further in London, England where I focused on pattern cutting.  I then developed a repurposed materials accessory and outerwear collection which took me across Canada.  Yet it was on a trip back to my home town of Durban, in South Africa, that I felt inspired to focus on surface pattern design and printed cloth.

This coming March you’ll find Caroline Forde at my new space teaching workshops in natural and indigo dyeing as well as eco printing.  You can find out more about the upcoming workshop series in surface pattern design here…

Caroline was born in Hamilton, Ontario and graduated from Sheridan College's Craft and Design Textile Program in 2015. She has traveled out west to Calgary to complete her BFA in Fibre at the Alberta College of Art + Design.

While pursuing her craft education Caroline has been the recipient of two textile residencies at Peters Valley School of Craft in Layton, New Jersey and at Harbourfront Center in Toronto, Ontario.

In the studio Caroline creates hand printed textiles that focus on surface design for interiors and apparel. She celebrates how she sees the world through drawing and then translates these drawings into patterns. Currently her work has been focused on experimenting with natural dyes and pigments through dying and printing techniques. The patterns she creates are hand drawn and screen printed onto natural fabrics.

Caroline’s practice is highly influenced by sustainability, she strives to create products that are friendly for the environment and customer. Through her work she hopes to show the world just how much handmade objects and Canadian design has to offer. You can view her work at

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