Natalie Gerber – Studio & Workshops

Location: cSpace King Edward                              
Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Duration:  Tuesday & Thursday Evening Workshop
Session/Year: Spring, 2017
Participants: Maximum class size 8 - 10

Join us at the studio every second Thursday and be introduced to a variety of surface design techniques for textiles. Explore pattern through screen, block or eco printing. Discover resist dying with indigo or natural dyes and combine what you’ve learned through improv quilting. Participate in the full six-week course or individual workshops.

Spring Session


23rd February, 18th May, 23rd May - Screen Printing, Natalie Gerber
9th March, 11th May – Intro to Indigo, Caroline Forde
23rd March, 4th April – Improv Quilting, Cheryl Arkison
6th April – Eco Printing, Caroline Forde
20th April, 25th April – Block Printing, Charis Birchall
4th May – Natural Dye Intro, Caroline Forde
9th March – 18th May - Surface Design Discovery (Full 6 Week Session)

Surface Design Discovery (Full 6 Courses)
Instructor: Natalie Gerber, Caroline Forde, Cheryl Arkison, Charis Birchall
Dates: 9th March – 18th May
Price: $385


Instructor: Natalie Gerber
Date: 23rd February, 18th May
Description: Join surface designer Natalie Gerber for an introduction to silkscreen printing.  You’ll work through the process with hands on demonstrations and develop a pattern for print. We’ll build up texture and explore pattern using paper stencils and pre-prepared silkscreens. Take home two tea towels that are one-of-a-kind!
Price: $75.00

23rd February - CLASS FULL

18th May - CLASS FULL

23rd May - CLASS FULL

Instructor: Caroline Forde
Date: 9th March 
Description: Explore the process of indigo dyeing with fibre artist and surface designer Caroline Forde. In this workshop you’ll be introduced to surface pattern design and the complexities of indigo dyeing through Shibori, a Japanese resist dyeing technique. Along with developing a beautiful selection of cotton fabric samples for quilting, you’ll gain a better understanding of the nature and history of indigo.  Enjoy exploring various patterning by stitching, clamping and tying. Gain the confidence to further your exploration in natural dying and take home a small indigo vat for continued natural dyeing discovery.
Price: $75.00

9th March - CLASS FULL

11th May - CLASS OPEN

Instructor: Cheryl Arkison
Date: 23rd March,  4th April
Description: Join modern quilter and writer Cheryl Arkison for an introduction to improv quilting.  Explore the process through colour selection, pattern, prep and texture with hands on demonstrations. You’ll discover the possibilities of this quilting technique and problem solve along the way, while selecting from a wide variety of hand printed Natalie Gerber linens. You’ll proudly take home a finished pillow top at the end of this workshop and the confidence to continue your self-discovery in improv quilting from home.
Price: $75.00  

23rd March - CLASS FULL

4th April - CLASS FULL

Instructor: Caroline Forde
Date: 6th April 
Description: Explore pattern in this ecologically sustainable method that pulls vibrant colour from nature through bundle dyeing. With hands on demonstrations you’ll discover this rewarding technique that can be further explored at home.  You’ll take away a one-of-a-kind scarf, various fabric samples to apply to a future project and the drive to continue on your own journey in eco printing.
Price: $75.00

6th April - CLASS FULL

Instructor: Charis Birchall
Date: 20th April 
Description: Join surface designer Charis Birchall from charis rose handmade goods for an introduction to surface pattern design through block printing. Explore pattern with hands on demonstrations teaching the basic concepts of repeat and multi-colour block printing. Carve your own block for printing and take it home for further exploration along with your finished one-of-a-kind tote bag!
Price: $75.00

20th April - CLASS FULL

25th April - CLASS OPEN

Instructor: Caroline Forde
Date: 4th May 
Description: Join fibre artist and surface designer Caroline Forde to expand on your understanding of natural dyes. In this workshop you’ll explore the natural dye pot while starting to build a dyer’s sample book.  Further explore the possibilities of this process with mordants and fixatives through over dyeing and using resists. Take home a one-of-a-kind scarf and a variety of fabric samples for future projects.
Price: $75.00

4th May - CLASS FULL