WORKSHOP - Improv Quilting Discovery

WORKSHOP - Improv Quilting Discovery

Location: cSpace King Edward                              
Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Duration:  Thursday Evening Workshop
Session/Year: Spring, 2017
Participants: Maximum class size 8
Instructor: Cheryl Arkison
Date: 23rd March

Improv Quilting Discovery

Description: Join modern quilter and writer Cheryl Arkison for an introduction to improv quilting.  Explore the process through colour selection, pattern, prep and texture with hands on demonstrations. You’ll discover the possibilities of this quilting technique and problem solve along the way, while selecting from a wide variety of hand printed Natalie Gerber linens. You’ll proudly take home a finished pillow top at the end of this workshop and the confidence to continue your self-discovery in improv quilting from home.

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