I came across eco printing while studying Textile Design at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. This natural printing technique has taken the textile world by storm and seems to be growing in popularity around the world. Professional designers and artists have helped this dying technique resurface into studios, books and fashion. You don’t have to look far to see examples of this amazing technique.

The search for experimental textures, forms and colour is part of the lure of eco printing. Also referred to as “bundle dying” this technique requires three things: natural materials, heat and a little patience. After collecting a variety of natural materials the dyer will arrange a unique composition onto their cloth.

Scattered petals, leaves and flowers are then wrapped and bound tightly together onto natural fibers like cotton or silk. These bundles are then immersed into steaming pots of water and cooked until the natural pigments transfer onto the cloth.

After the bundles are done dying they are opened and reveal stunning marks. The natural materials leave a ghostly, delicate imprint behind resulting in one of a kind cloth.

You can join me this Tuesday June 20th at Natalie Gerber’s Studio for an introduction into the world of eco printing. You’ll take away a one of a kind scarf, and various samples to help continue your own journey in eco printing.

There are a couple spots left, to find out more follow the link here...