CHERYL ARKISON is a writer, quilter, and mom. She writes and teaches on quilting, craft, creativity, food, and family. And it all comes from her dining room empire in her crowded, colourful house. From this space she wrote Sunday Morning Quilts (co-authored with Amanda Jean Nyberg), A Month of Sundays, and You Inspire Me to Quilt. She teaches quilting around the country and online via Craftsy and Creative Live. A proud first generation Ukrainian, she is committed to not letting the artistry of food and craft from her heritage pass by unnoticed in the modern age. Cheryl is the mother of three kidlets, and awesome wife to her entrepreneur husband.








 CHARIS BIRCHALL is a textile designer based in Calgary, Alberta. She earned her BFA in Fibre from the Alberta College of Art & Design. Her work has been shown at Arts Commons, the Leighton Arts Centre and the galleries at the Alberta College of Art & Design. She has also participated in several self-directed, juried residencies.

Charis’s clean and simple designs are either block- or screen-printed onto natural fibres using water-based, solvent-free inks. The designs begin as sketches, which are turned into repeat patterns that she either burns onto a silk screen or carves into a rubber block. Charis has always loved textiles, however the first time she realized she would pursue it seriously was when her first-year drawing teacher at ACAD allowed her to sew her assignments.

Charis is an active volunteer in the arts community, including her role as Vice President of Contextural, a dynamic group of textile artists who foster a cooperative, creative environment in support of the production of new artistic works. She also co-chairs Timeraiser150, a unique program that supports local artists and nonprofit organizations and promotes volunteerism in communities.

When she’s not printing, creating designs or dreaming up new things to make, Charis is hanging out with her two awesome kids and equally amazing husband.


CAROLINE FORDE was born in Hamilton, Ontario and graduated from Sheridan College's Craft and Design Textile Program in 2015. She has traveled out west to Calgary to complete her BFA in Fiber at the Alberta College of Art and Design.     

While pursuing her craft education Caroline has been the recipient of two textile residencies at Peters Valley School of Craft in Layton, New Jersey and at Harbourfront Center in Torontro,Ontario.

In the studio Caroline creates hand printed textiles that focus on surface design for interiors and apparel. She celebrates how she sees the world through drawing and then translates these drawings into patterns. Currently her work has been focused on experimenting with natural dyes and pigments through dying and printing techniques. The patterns she creates are hand drawn and screen printed onto natural fabrics.

Caroline’s practice is highly influenced by sustainability, she strives to create products that are friendly for the environment and customer. Through her work she hopes to show the world just how much handmade objects and Canadian design has to offer. You can view her work at


BILL MORTON graduated from the Alberta College of Art, Calgary in 1967 and worked for Alberta Culture for three years.  In 1970 the artist moved to Japan to study and work for Kunio Isa [a noted dyer in Kyoto] until 1983.  Upon his return to Canada Bill began teaching at ACAD, until present. The artist has participated in numerous solo and group shows, he is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA). His work is collected and shown in the United States, Japan, China and Canada.

“My process is open-ended, offering limitless opportunities for exploration of colour and pattern. Each piece reflects a particular state of mind. The techniques I use take time and patience and require focus as unanticipated variations can occur when material, colour and process coalesce into something new.”