I find silkscreen printing to be a very rewarding process.  I love getting my hands dirty, mixing colour and the physical printing process. It is also a very ‘step’ based process which requires repetition in order to get the results you want.  Starting with creating an image for print, prepping and readying your silkscreen, then making and applying a stencil of your positive onto the screen. Finally mixing colour, printing onto your chosen surface and then clean up and reclamation of your screens.

It’s important to break from the repetition and make ‘free’ creative time to explore and build on ideas.  Last summer was spent exploring the natural indigo vat and shibori, a Japanese shaped resist dyeing technique. My patterns are inspired by marks and so it seemed natural to take those results and build on them.

This fall we’re introducing a new series of prints to the Natalie Gerber Textile Collection ORI. The three new prints; ORI: Line, ORI: Pattern and ORI: Round will be available by the yard through Campbell Dunsmore Group or through our online shop.  Keep an eye out as they will also soon be available in our home décor collection.